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Dying is one of the hardest things we
will ever be a part of and do.

Our death is our last rite of passage to ancestorship and our final gift to give and receive.

Today is a good day to plan for our best possible last days,
our delusion of time is still upon us.


End of life planning is life's biggest acts of love, we

can make our death kinder to ourselves and our loved ones. 


Upcoming Events 

Conscious Living|Dying
Vision Plan Group

Wed, Feb. 21 
@ 6:00 mst


15% off


Jan, 22, 2024

In 6 weeks we will explore and discover how end of life planning can teach us to live a fuller, more conscious life.

  • Six 1.5 + optional 15 min. Q+A | week

  • Reflective questions emailed weekly

  • Unlimited email support

  • 1 - 30 min call (optional)

  • Guided meditations

When our loved ones know what we want and how we want to be celebrated, we give them what they need to better

advocate and support us.

7 spots available

Conscious Living|Dying Vision Plan

Being prepared for our last days allows us to have autonomy over our own death and in turn will save you and your loved ones time, added stress, unnecessary heartache and money.

It creates ease and flow, allowing family and friends to be present and feel more at peace knowing that you are being taken care of in the manner you have chosen.


My clients are both those who are healthy, wanting to live a more precious and those who will be nearing their last days.


Through a thought provoking and explorative process we will create an autonomous vision of what a conscious

life and death mean to you.

Having the conversations and planning when you are healthy is encouraged so the end-of-life care you receive is appropriate and aligned with your vision and wishes


Thank you for your caring support.

Your guidance towards thinking about death and dying opened a new door of thought for me.


At 74, in the autumn of my life, I now value my winter years as a reward and am happy to march forward with acceptance and no fear.


You have taught me so many positive lessons that I will carry with me and share with my circle of loved ones.

- Cynthia

help you and your family with this overwhelming and challenging

transition by supporting and guiding you emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually (non-medically).


We will explore and plan for your autonomous death with reverence and awareness. Of course we don't know when or how we will die, the importance of the journey (planning + meaningful conversations) is so much bigger than the outcome. This time together will empower you, ease fears and help strengthen your village.

My clients are those facing end-of-life and want to live the last of their days in the best possible way.  I work alongside and fill the gaps of your village/palliative care team before, during and after the dying process.  

Having the conversations and a plan when you are healthy is encouraged so the end-of-life care you receive is appropriate and aligned with your vision and wishes


What is a Conscious
Dying Guide?

Homeward's Manifesto

Guide and support

in creating an autonomous vision of what a

conscious life and death mean to you. Creating a space for you and your loved ones allowing for what is.


Restore death

back to its natural place of reverence; a sacred rite of passage to ancestorship. 

To be a part of the curious conversations 

unearthing how our death denying culture has hindered our ideas and feelings toward such a sacred moment in ones life. Let's build more meaningful relationships with life and death.


Explore and discover

how planning and talking about death can awaken us to a more precious in your life. 

"It should be a sacred day for you when one of your people die, a sacred

day when a soul is released and returns to its home."  - Black Elk


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Thank you

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