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About Me

I’m Berri,

I grew up in Northern Ontario where we spent our summers on the lake in a small cabin, it was like visiting another world and where I became a water-baby,

I moved to Alberta, with me and my son's life, all packed into 5 suitcases. My dream, for some time was to be a carpenter, so I jumped in feet first. The skills and knowledge I gained are still paying off today.

As my family grew, I began a woodworking business creating artisan kitchen boards and wooden spoons to accompany our daily rituals around food. 

These past 6 years I have been studying about death in:  books, conversations, volunteering, attending workshops and talks.  Recently certified as a:


Sacred Passage Death Doula

Conscious Dying Coach

Conscious Dying Educator

When asked, "What's your favourite thing to do?"

It would be having a real, raw, human conversation;

talking about what breaks our hearts wide open,

the hilarious blunders of life that shape us in all our losses

and blessings. 

I look forward to connecting with you, where ever you may be in this deep hearted work.

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Some Bits About Me

  • I live for road trips, deep conversations, live music, immature banter and an epic underdog story.

  • Unique, curious and weird wit will win me over every time.

  • I am irrationally afraid of people who scare me. Sometimes I can’t help but scare other’s and immediately regret it due to potential retaliation.

  • Water is my preferred habitat.

  • My friends lift me up and continually make me a better person.

  • I used to be terrified when my kids would say they heard something in the night, but acted like i wasn’t.

  • My favourite way to meditate is floating in water or in a bathtub.

  • I love strategic games.

I Prefer

  • Cabin to hotel                           

  • Small town to City                   

  • Water to mountains 

  • Buy old to new

  • Non-fiction to fiction     

  • Live music to any event


"It should be a sacred day for you when one of your people die, a sacred

day when a soul is released and returns to its home."  - Black Elk


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