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Living & Dying Field Notes of a Conscious Dying Guide



Let's get curious, share stories and heal from this death-denying culture. May we learn to swing life by its tale in all its impermanent grit and beauty. My intention is to share thought provoking questions and quandaries. Let's explore how living and dying are symbiotic story.

Poppy Field

Sitting with Life and Death

This was once an impossibility for me, the thought of death was always a tumultuous curiosity better left uncovered. My fear stood unshakeable and stubborn, it echoed in my bones, "No fucking way."

Today this fear shows up in a different light, it shows up as a road trip companion with jerky and pickles in a bag and a message, "Get in, Let's go!"

"I wouldn't miss this for the world"


It all changed the night Death paid a visit, said Hello and left me with a whole new world to discover.


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