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When we create a Conscious Living Plan we're making our death kinder to ourselves and our loved ones, 
It is one of life's biggest acts of love.


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Conscious Living Plan Gatherings

In 6 weeks we will explore and discover

how end of life planning can teach us how to

live a fuller, more conscious life.

When our loved ones know what we want, don't want and how we want to be celebrated, we give them what they need to better advocate and support us.

Help with Cooking
1:1 Conscious Living Plan

In 5 weeks we will explore a thought-provoking, creative process that honours your

beliefs, fears and desires.


This plan is designed to facilitate, develop and carry your personal vision into focus on what is most precious in your life. 


Being prepared for our last days allows us to have autonomy over our own death and in turn will save you and your loved ones time, added stress, unnecessary heartache and money.

It creates ease and flow, allows loved ones to be present and feel more at peace knowing that you are being taken care of in the manner you have chosen.


  5 weeks - $625

  • Five 60 - 90 min/ week

  • Reflective questions emailed weekly

  • Unlimited email support

  • Options for exploring self through
    meditation and/or journaling

  • Resources

Help with Cooking
Taking Notes
Taking Notes
1 Hour Call

This offering is a 60 min conversations of whatever you feel the need to talk about around death and grief. 


In our death denying culture we may experience feeling isolated in talking about death, dying and grief.

Having a conversation without judgement or awkwardness could be a challenge. 

I am offering a safe and open-minded space to share and ask questions.

This is for you if ...
  • plan for end-of-life but not sure ​where to start.

  • become clear on what is most precious to you

  • learn about end-of-life care in planning, vigil and ​after death care

  • build a healthier relationship around death and feeling less fearful  and powerless about death.

  • be more comfortable with ​important conversations around ​death.

  • be a better caretaker to loved ones who are navigating death + grief

This is for you if want to ...
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